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Press Media

from Marrakech Date Palm Project

Resilience Programme

Published - 01/11/2016

T he Urban and Rural Areas Resilience Programme, Oasis Cities, an adaptation of the COP21 Paris Agreement, will be presented during COP22 Side Event in Marrakech on 16th November 2016 organized by KIDPAAI and Foster + Partners. Designed specifically for hot dry desert regions, this programme has been created in response to the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD) 3rd Scientific Conference that took place in Cancun, Mexico in March 2015.

It is a collaborative project aimed at socio-economic assessments and evaluation of the interconnections between oasis cities and their rural areas in four desert cities: Marrakech (Morocco), Siwa Oasis (Egypt), Nizwa Oasis (Oman) and Liwa Oasis (United Arab Emirates), leading to a demonstration project in each city. Its objectives are to create viable and alternative livelihood strategies for their inhabitants while protecting and conserving the biodiversity and cultural knowledge.

This would include defining viable livelihood strategies, initiating new economic activities through technology development and transfer, and identification of socio-economic linkages between oases and their urban areas.

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